Giving Up is Awesome

After twelve hours our body starts burning fat. The scriptures tell us not to eat fat.

Leviticus 3:16 (NOG) 16 Then the priest will burn them on the altar. It is food, an offering by fire to the Lord. It is a soothing aroma. All the fat belongs to Yahweh.

Fasting helps you rise above the flesh.  If you want to learn control over the flesh start by fasting.  Here in the good ‘Ole USA we live like kings.  We EAT MEAT!

Huh?  Seems strange to celebrate giving up.  In our walk with Yahushua we are asked to give up many things.

  1. The love of self                      Give it up
  2. The love of money                Give it up
  3. Lust of the flesh                    Give it up
  4. Pride                                         Give it up
  5. Arrogance                               Give it up
  6. Hate                                          Give it up
  7. Food Not my bacon Wrapped Shrimp!
  8. Work No work on Saturday
  9. Holidays No pagan holidays

Once you start giving things up it becomes easier. In the US we eat about 214 to 279 (depends on the source) Pounds of meat per year.   

 This site also show you how we rank compared to other countries.

This amounts to over a half pound of meat per day per person for everyone man woman and child in the US.  We are also getting fat and dying of the “king’s diseases”. 

Automation and factory farms have made it easier to eat like Kings than to eat like poor people without meat.

Today most of our poor people eat more like kings than our wealthiest folks who can buy organic and shop at Whole Foods.  ©

Eating meat used to be a time consuming and labor intensive process. You had to look at the animal that you had helped to care for and raise as you took its life.  It was done sparingly for special occasions.

Something Else To Ponder

Go back and read Leviticus, the parts you skipped over, it’s ok, we all did it. Notice the detailed instruction and care about butchering and instructions about how to handle the blood.

Could all of these modern sacrifices today somehow be connected to Satan’s plan?  Or in weird Occult rituals?  Do Evil entities somehow get power from all of this?


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