What was Sukkot?

One can make an argument that the more technology we have the less need we have for Yahuah to work in our lives. Technology and modern conveniences meet all of our needs. When all our needs are met, what room is there for Him to work? 

Roll the scroll back!

bible.com/1/isa.30.8.kjv Last night of Sukkoth! Day 8! Roll the scroll back! #Torah

Sukkot it’s a big deal in the millennial reign…

bible.com/1/pro.12.25.kjv Sukkot it’s a big deal in the millennial reign, don’t you think it’s time to rehearse it? It’s been a great week for us. Always sad to see it go! I want to rely more on His covering than by what my hands can do. #feastoftabernacles #fallfeast #Sukkot

Break the Yokes!

bible.com/1/isa.58.6.kjv Pray that the Yokes of oppression are broken! #YomKippur

Yom haKippurim

Yom haKippurim https://www.rymcovenant.net/yom-hakippurim/ — Read on http://www.rymcovenant.net/yom-hakippurim/ A great post about fasting. Research the Hebrew word for afflicted-anah. I don't think it says fast. Fasting is a different word. Strong's Definitions: עָנָה ʻânâh, aw-naw'; a primitive root (possibly rather identical with H6030 through the idea of looking down or browbeating); to depress literally or figuratively,... Continue Reading →

What' s the big deal about Fasting? Go back and read Leviticus, the parts you skipped over, it’s ok, we all did it. Notice the detailed instruction and care about butchering and instructions about how to handle the blood.

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