Your Bible Isn’t Actually Accurate

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There’s something important we need to keep in mind when reading ANY Bible translation of the English (or other languages).  All translations are not 100% accurate.  But, isn’t the Bible God’s Word without error?  Yes, it is.  But, God’s Word was written in Hebrew for all the Old Testament and the New Testament (Nope, the NT was not originally written in Greek, contrary to beliefs.  It was written in Hebrew, as that was the language of Paul, and later translated to Greek so the Gentile nations could understand.  Side note that on the cross, “King of the Jews” was written in Hebrew, Greek, & Latin, not Aramaic).  So, God’s Word is infallible (which means totally accurate and un-ultered), but God’s Word is not written in English, nor any other language.  Man translated God’s Word from the originally inspired Word of God YHWH to other languages.   Since man is flawed with…

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