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Keeping the Feast and the Sabbath

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Sabbath Lounge started in 2017 as Matt wrapped his head around Torah. In 2019 Jake came to Texas an Meet Matt and well the rest is history.

Matt and Jake are part of a home bible fellowship that meets weekly in homes. There is no one person that is the leader or “the guy.” We don’t collect money or ask for a tithe.

We are under the Headship of Yeshua. Learning how to be a Holy and Set A Apart Israel.

This is about growing in Torah. Every time we prepare content we grow deeper in our faith. Come along with us week grow and develop.

In depth Torah Studies
  • Weekly Torah Portions
  • Guest Speakers
  • Difficult Topics
  • Learning as we go

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Shalom, You have been added to the 119 Ministries Hebrew Roots Fellowship Finder map. We pray that it helps you find others and others find you, bringing the restoration of Israel closer. Consider sending out the map regularly to friends and social networks so others are afforded the same opportunity.


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