We are Israel

"I am pro-Israel!" What does that mean? Many people believe that this means that as christians we must support the government of the country of Israel. Who is this modern day country? When was it created?  W Who is their king? Are they the chosen people? When we examine the nation from Moses to David... Continue Reading →

The Mark of the Father

At creation a precedent was set that the Sabbath was to be a day of rest, a foreshadowing of the true rest to follow.  A rest in which there will be no end, the rest of rest, the Sabbaths of all Sabbaths. That's the one I want to be apart of. For thousands of years... Continue Reading →

Do you own or are you owned?

Preface This week I have been Fasting from the teachings of man, trying to get the levan out of my life. This is what I feel like the Father has laid on my heart. Do you own or are you owned? In my day to day driving I have noticed a tremendous amount of storage... Continue Reading →

Get the LEV Out.

This is the time of year we celebrate Passover. In the Exodus 12 account the congregation was commanded to get out of town quickly. They were commanded to have their sandals on and leave before the dough had time to rise. They were to take the dough with them without leavening. The rest of the week they were to eat unleavened bread daily.

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