Law Abolished

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How many times have you heard this:
“None of these laws apply to you, because JESUS fulfilled them.”

When did JESUS fulfill “Do not have sex with your child”? When was “Do not eat these…” fulfilled by JESUS? May I worship idols now? Do WE get to pick and choose which ones we don’t want to honor, and which ones we do? Would you offer our JEWISH MESSIAH, YESHUA, a pulled pork sandwich with lobster and invite HIM to a easter egg hunt to commemorate HIS fulfilling of Feast of Firstfruits through HIS Resurrection? 1 John 2:6 says we are to walk as JESUS walked. Many would argue Peters vision in Acts 10. But, if we read Acts 10 AND 11, we see that the vision had NOTHING to do with food. Why do you think in verse 17 it states ”

“While Peter was wondering about the meaning of…

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