Keep the 4th

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Keep the 4th

I am so thankful that a local church decided to put this up in front of their building on a major highway near my house.  It makes me grin every time I drive by it. But it does make me scratch my head a bit. Why put this up and say you stand behind it if you don’t keep one of the commandments?  I think it’s interesting to have this monument in front of your place and completely change the meaning of the fourth commandment.  They honor the Sabbath on Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong I do think that God honors the principle and has blessed our entire country because for so long we have been a country that keep a sabbath.

Churches must purge the pagan practices of the traditions of men, the idoltory that is so welcomed in.  God has long left the building in places where the truth of God’s word is no longer taught. Many of the churches are left with a watered down, feel good, motivational, zig ziglar type messages week after week.


They are serving up Milk daily to many people that have been warming a pew for ten years or more.  We were called to be his Royal Priesthood. Have you ever stopped to think about what that means?




I am begging you to do the research on Sabbath. Find out how, who, and why it was changed. Read the Whole Scriptures cover to cover. See what it means to keep the mark, and to be a Holy set apart people.

The fields are ripe for harvest and the workers are few.


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  1. Amen. After discovering all of this just this past year, I had to make a radical change with making sure to honor the Sabbath. It’s been a blessing to know I am no longer breaking one of Yah’s commands. Thanks for your post.

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