The Real Burning Man is found burning your thoughts and emotions on the Alter, Sabbath Lounge.

The original Burning Man!

The last few Torah portions and this principle of the Tabernacle being built from the inside out. This Tabernacle that’s being built from the inside out is a reflection of our own physical heart.

The Tabernacle is a movable structure covered with skin. Just like you and I, inside of the bible there is a lot of verbiage about the kidneys, and the liver.  There were detailed steps of what needed to happen to these vital organs. Details about how you’re supposed to prepare the kidneys to liver for different sacrifices.

The Kidneys and liver represented the seat of the mind, heart and the emotions in the ancient world.  In essence, what that bible Is telling us is that we need to hold our mind, heart and emotions under the fire.  To Burn them clean and get rid of the impurity.

Jeremiah 17:9

We know the heart is deceitful above all things. We must learn to put it on the altar, put it in front of the fire, and have it burned clean. Burn away all the impure thoughts, impure rebellious ways. Burn it all off. Burn away the leaven of man’s teachings.  This is the work of what’s supposed to be happening inside of our Holy Tabernacle that we represent.  We are a fleshly covered tent of meeting where the Holy of Holies resides.

The other thing that you see is. Later in the gospel accounts, Yeshua washes the people’s feet at Passover.  Yeshua was a servant leader, and he was showing the world and his disciples who he was. That he was a humble version of God in the flesh.  He was also performing the priestly duty that we read about in Exodus.  In Exodus, where Moses was commanded to wash Aaron and his son’s feet, preparing them for their ministry as priest.

Exodus 40:31-33

These disciples knew that story. They understood it in ways which we don’t. When we see that moment of Yeshua washing the feet of his He is preparing his disciples to be His priestly nation. To go out and do its priestly duty.  He was preparing them to teach others about the principals learned in the Torah.  The principles found in Sacrifice.  We must learn to deal with our own thoughts and emotions.  Learn to set them on fire, to burn away the impurities, to get rid of the leaven of man and get back to the commandments.  Get back to knowing what it means to live a holy and set apart lifestyle.

They lived in a free republic much like our own, they didn’t want to hear about not indulging in the fleshly things that they enjoyed. They didn’t really want to hear about the things that they weren’t supposed to do. They too lived in a Republic. A free Republic, a voting Republic in which they had a lot of freedom.


There’s a scripture, we just read it in this previous Torah portion where Moses washes the feet of Aaron in the priest. Go look at then. Verbiage on when Yeshua washes the feet of his disciples. See how they are connected.  Part of this story is about preparing the priest.  He wants us to be that priestly nation.  He wants us to be that holy set apart priestly nation going into the world in teaching the world about Him.

I encourage all of us to learn to live this holy set apart lifestyle. That is different from the rest of the world. Teach your children that it’s OK to be different. In fact, we encourage this. We want this!  The world around us goes way out of its way to not to be different. To not be weird.

Pray that were not deceived. Pray that you can stand firm in the faith. Pray that you can be like Daniel or pray that your children can be like Daniel one day where he says. I don’t care what happens to me, whether I die in this fire or if The Father saves me, my faith remains. It does not matter what happens to this body because I know that my father is going to come through in the end.  He saves us in the end.

Daniel 3:16-20

I long for the time when we have our true inheritance.
One that cannot be destroyed
Cannot be taken away
Cannot be taxed.
That’s waiting for us, and we need to help as many people get there as possible.

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