The Real Burning Man is found burning your thoughts and emotions on the Alter, Sabbath Lounge. The original Burning Man! The last few Torah portions and this principle of the Tabernacle being built from the inside out. This Tabernacle that's being built from the inside out is a reflection of our own physical heart. The Tabernacle is a movable structure covered with skin. Just like you and I, inside of... Continue Reading →

How does the Bible line up with the US Constitution, Presidential Inauguration 2021. Part 1 of 2. How does the Bible line up with the US Constitution? Check out the Playlist, US Constitution and the Torah! Part 1 of 2. How Does the Truth of Ya's word compare the words found in the US Constitution? For more information see Find us on iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, and Podbean. At... Continue Reading →

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