Lady Wind, an ole’ Fashion Windmill Raising!

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Lady Windmill, As I like to call her.

My wife thinks I have an unhealthy relationship with the windmill.

After my grandfather had been diagnosed with cancer back in 2016, he had requested that this windmill be put up at his lake house so he could enjoy looking at it. Unfortunately he passed away before that could happen.

My uncle had purchased the 100 year old windmill from a family friend from the Big Country area in Texas (940 area code). My uncle had no plans on putting the windmill up. Lets face it, a thirty foot windmill is not easy to put up!

I began to inquire about the possibility of purchasing it from him. In the mean time I had taken a new job and was not sure about the direction my new job was headed. I began to pray much like what I had seen in the story found in Genesis 28-32. It is the story of how Jacob prayed an “if then prayer.” A conditional prayer that ask the Father to fulfill some directives to help answer his prayer request.

I prayed that if it was the Fathers will for me stay in my current job that he would bless me financially and give me the windmill. In the Fall of 2018 My uncle called me up and said “Matt the windmill is yours, come get it!”

Not much happened after I got the windmill other than I stayed in my job.

Then came 2020

In the Spring of 2020 Jake helped me lay the foundation of the windmill. The foundation sat empty until the fall of 2020. With the help of my sons, my father-in-law, Torah Mike, and Jake, we were able to get it going again.

From the spring of 2020 to the fall of 2020 it has been my best year at work so far! The father is really blessing me with a great year. To which I say “Thank you Father for a great year!”

While the rest of the world seems to be going up in flames, the Father has been blessing us with His peace, and physical blessings. Most importantly My children are doing well, they are in healthy relationships, they have chosen great friends, they like being around each other, and they like being around their mom and I. They are growing in Torah everyday and teaching others along the way.

The windmill may seem like a silly thing to most people, but not to me. It is an answered prayer.

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