Zadok calendar


My only issue with it is this. How can I know that The “15” has always been the “15” of the month?


Zadok Calendar

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  1. Zadok, according to Scripture was a blood decedent of Aaron, making it the Aaronic priesthood and no other! The question about the 15th of the third month coming out of Egypt is not correct. Many have said this implicating there own understanding to the Hebrew language which could not be further from the truth. The 15th of the third month breaks the biblical model for the feast days, DID YOU GET THAT? Because Israel rested on the first day of Unleavened Bread as they moved to Succoth, the first day and Sabbath of Unleavened Bread. (Numbers 33:3) Israel had to “walk out” the Feast of Weeks, moving systematically from place to place until they reached Sinai where (Royal Torah) was spoken by (Yahuah) incarnate Christ from Mount Sinai on the 4th day of the Third month. The 4th day of the third month which was the 49th day and ending Sabbath for the Feast of Weeks.

    If Israel had come into Sinai on the 15th of the third month, this would mean that Alohym (God) is inconsistent and imperfect and would have broken his own law! Also, the “Zadok” calendar is a work of man because it uses elements of the Greek/Roman Julian calendar implementing the “Equinox” as the “day of Equal light and darkness” as described in the writings of Enoch which can not be further from the truth. History explains in great detail that is was the Greek mathematician “Hipparchus”, who is generally recognized as discoverer of the precession of the equinoxes in 127 BC., i.e., a work on man and God’s calendar has NO Elements of mankind or the doctrine and traditions of men!


    1. Thanks for the well thought response! I appreciate it!

      I myself of kinda moved away from this calendar after exploring in greater depth.

      I keep going back to this, If the “Jewish” calendar during the time Yeshua’s life was wrong He would have corrected it.

      Thanks for your comments!



  2. I have the same question myself. This is the closest and simplest calendar I have come across yet but we are definitely testing it out before we jump on it. One of the thoughts I had was using some free star map software that is out there (the name eludes me, sorry) to see if the “signs” are the same from year to year. I don’t know if they tested that out or not but if everything is cyclical and the 15th is the 15th each head of the year, then the signs would also be the same from year to year on that day with only a variation on the year which requires the added week. Just my thought….

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