Science is the answer, really?

The "gods" of Science Science that moment the schools have been pushing an evolution Eugenics, model that stresses we are very small and insignificant, that they what we read in our Bible about the creation of the world is not how it happened. I creates doubt, it creates conflict.  No one is to question the... Continue Reading →

The Day God was Evicted

Setting aside the fact that Freemasonry is against the one true Elohim, Yahuah. What a strange ceremony.  Why do they build the building and they level the cornerstone and ask for "gods" blessings on it?  Strange.  If you want to do such a thing at least do it in the proper order according to scripture. ... Continue Reading →

“Spray paint the Vegetables”***

Prayers answered! 6”+ of rain have fallen since August! Praise Yahuah! The Heat is on here in Texas.  It has been oppressive this week, please pray for rain and heat relief for us in Texas. Driving around this week I saw this house.  Everyone else had allowed their grass to go dormant in this heat.... Continue Reading →

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