7 Fold Ministry, Dr. Lake

http://www.youtube.com/watch Good stuff Dr. Lake!

Trumpet of Truth Sounds

Trumpet of Truth Sounds https://gitardood.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/trumpet-of-truth-sounds/ — Read on gitardood.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/trumpet-of-truth-sounds/ Good stuff!

The Sevenfold Anointing of Messiah – Part 6

The Sevenfold Anointing of Messiah – Part 6 http://kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/the-sevenfold-anointing-of-messiah-part-6/ — Read on kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/the-sevenfold-anointing-of-messiah-part-6/

Prayer Post

Driving around this week in my travels I stumbled upon this in someone's yard.  What a great idea!  What a great reminder of the power of prayer.  In my day to day travels I get wrapped up in what I am doing and busy with work and easily forget who is in charge. Our fast... Continue Reading →

KIB 180 – The Occult Barrier Over Planet Earth

KIB 180 – The Occult Barrier Over Planet Earth http://kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/kib-180-the-occult-barrier-over-planet-earth/ — Read on kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/kib-180-the-occult-barrier-over-planet-earth/


Do you ever wonder if you have awoken in an alternate reality?  Maybe like you are on an Episode of Fringe, or Xfiles? In  the last 24 hour news cycle the news has exploded about stories about what they are labeling as sexism.  Some of them baffle me like the following uproar in Houston over... Continue Reading →

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