Ryan Bundy Part 2 from Canary Cry

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN AMERICAN? This episode is Part 2 of the Battleborn story about the Bundy Ranch standoff with gubernatorial candidate for Nevada, Ryan Bundy.

Break the Yokes!

bible.com/1/isa.58.6.kjv Pray that the Yokes of oppression are broken! #YomKippur

The Sevenfold Anointing of Messiah – Part 6

The Sevenfold Anointing of Messiah – Part 6 http://kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/the-sevenfold-anointing-of-messiah-part-6/ — Read on kingdomintelligencebriefing.com/the-sevenfold-anointing-of-messiah-part-6/

Do you own or are you owned?

Preface This week I have been Fasting from the teachings of man, trying to get the levan out of my life. This is what I feel like the Father has laid on my heart. Do you own or are you owned? In my day to day driving I have noticed a tremendous amount of storage... Continue Reading →

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