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We must learn to be more like Jacob and less like Esau as we learn to walk in the Favor and protection of our Father.

Sunset What a great view headed out of the office tonight!

Have yourself a Merry Pagan Christmas!

Not once did it every workout for humans to decide on their own to do something and say it was for God. It is always a  stench in His nostrils.  This has ALWAYS been the problem, since Genesis we have wanted to do it "our way". Not because it's right but because it is easy, fun and it's what everyone else is doing.  Every time He says:  "DON'T DO AS THE PAGANS DO"


How many of us have ever heard of Antonio de Montezinos?  He inspired Menasseh Ben Israel to write a book. in 1652 called The Hope of Israel.  


So relax, slowdown, spend time with your family, laugh, play, and rest.  Allow yourself to not feel guilty, driven, or forced into labor.  Don't let your convictions that drive you create another Orphan in someone else. 

Turn from our wicked ways and Call on the name of the Lord!

  While I was out and and out today I was in a bank that proudly displayed this art work by James R. Spurlock on its walls. It was a great witness today to me to be bold in my faith. The words are as true today as they were then.  He does have a... Continue Reading →

Whose money is it? Reblog

501c3 Churches and What It Means.

501c3 Churches and What It Means. — Read on

Genesis 26

Issac is to Yeshua as the Bride of Yeshua is to Rebecca

What is Worship? – from the monty blog

What is worship? Do you worship something, or perhaps someone? I've heard it said that a good definition of worship is “worth-ship,” meaning, I guess, what you devote your time and energy and love to the most because that thing is worthy of your time and energy and love. As an aside, I just gave…... Continue Reading →

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