Do you ever wonder if you have awoken in an alternate reality?  Maybe like you are on an Episode of Fringe, or Xfiles?

In  the last 24 hour news cycle the news has exploded about stories about what they are labeling as sexism.  Some of them baffle me like the following uproar in Houston over this sign that a teacher put on the wall.

Seems accurate to me.  It’s a call for both sexes to act better. It’s a call like “Iron sharpens Iron, so one man does another” So what does the bible say about this?

Proverbs 5-7 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Avoid Adultery

My son,
pay attention to my wisdom.
Open your ears to my understanding
so that you may act with foresight
and speak with insight.

The lips of an adulterous woman drip with honey.
Her kiss is smoother than oil,
but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood,
as sharp as a two-edged sword.
Her feet descend to death.
Her steps lead straight to hell.
She doesn’t even think about the path of life.
Her steps wander, and she doesn’t realize it.

But now, sons,
listen to me,
and do not turn away from what I say to you.
Stay far away from her.
Do not even go near her door.
Either you will surrender your reputation to others
and the rest of your years to some cruel person,
10 or strangers will benefit from your strength
and you will have to work hard in a pagan’s house.
11 Then you will groan when your end comes,
when your body and flesh are consumed.
You will say,
12 “Oh, how I hated discipline!
How my heart despised correction!
13 I didn’t listen to what my teachers said to me,nor did I keep my ear open to my instructors.


Proverbs 7:7-15 Names of God Bible (NOG)

I was looking at gullible people
when I saw a young man without much sense among youths.
He was crossing a street near her corner
and walking toward her house
in the twilight,
in the evening,
in the dark hours of the night.

10 A woman with an ulterior motive meets him.
She is dressed as a prostitute.
11 She is loud and rebellious.
Her feet will not stay at home.
12 One moment she is out on the street,
the next she is at the curb,
on the prowl at every corner.

To me the bible is very clear.  This is a two part deal. Girls don’t dress and act like prostitutes, boys don’t be fooled by her charms or you will be brought to the depths of Hell.

Once again we have an upside down culture that calls right wrong, and wrong right. Instead.

my school sign
Maybe they would like my quote instead?

So I tried to come up with something more PC.  But I am not sure I understand it’s point. But then again maybe that’s the point?

alt sign
Maybe this is what they would like instead?

I find myself again as an alien in a strange world. This world does not feel like my home. I think this is a good thing.

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