Regulated Garbage

Driving around this week I got behind this truck.  I immediately thought “I don’t know what that means but I know it has a spiritual significance!” So I snapped the pic and here I am .

Regulated Garbage

Regulated Garbage can be the junk we allow our eyes to see on a regular basis. The news, the internet, social media, YouTube, TV, Netflix… 90% of what most of us put through our eyes is regulated garbage. We have the gatekeepers and regulate what comes in. So often our choices are poor.

How much better off would we be if we spend our time investing in our family, prayer, being outside, and or investing in the Torah/Bible?

You and I are Priest, we are to be a Holy and set apart people.  We are to be a Holy and set apart Nation.    Below is the scripture from Balaams Prophecy that is found in this week’s Torah Portion.

I see them from the top of rocky cliffs, I look at them from the hills. I see a nation that lives by itself, people who do not consider themselves to be like other nations.  Numbers 23:9  NOG

This week I challenge you and I to be careful of the regulated garbage we allow to come into our mind.

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