70 Years?

Not really, it was born a long time ago.

The Father is up to something for sure here.  But keep in mind this is not necessarily Israel-congregation,-church, the are the ones that keep His Commandments.

If they truly are Israel let’s examine a few things

Do they keep the Torah or do they follow the traditions of men?

Do they keep the Sabbatical year?

Do they keep the Jubilee year?

What did the Father do to His people when they were in the land and did not keep the Sabbaths, or Jubilee’s?

He kept track of every year the land did not receive it’s rest and He made sure the land was able to rest.



He is working in this no doubt, but it may not be what you think it is.  One day He is going to lead us into “The Greater Exodus” one that will make the first one look small. This has not happened yet.  Each Sabbath is a rehearsal for that day.


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