What was Sukkot?


Once again many people ask “You are trying to go under the “curse” of the law!”

Yeah, being forced to have a feast with your friends for 8 days, food, fellowship, fun, 2 days of rest.   Sounds like a real burden huh?

What did we do?

We ate outside everyday under a temporary dwelling, and we camped out one night.  We got out from under our own man made Sukka. (house)



Get out from our own coverings made by the sweat of our brow., and get under Yahuah’s covering.  My takeaway is that I must be relying more on the covering of Yahuah than the covering I provide. We like our creature comforts but do our creature comforts cause us to be more indebted to Babylon, and the strength of our own mite?  In turn this causes us to have little need from the Father?  When we say “thank you for what You have provided” How much of this can we truly say was the Father given us increase or by cash money bro?


One can make an argument that the more technology we have the less need we have for Yahuah to work in our lives. Technology and modern conveniences meet all of our needs. When all our needs are met, what room is there for Him to work?  Could it be a great deception from Satan?  Could it be like the fruit in the garden? I can imagine Satan talking like Jeff Bridges as Mr. Flynn or as The Dude so imaging the following Dialogue in either Jeff Bridges accent:

“Did Yahuah really say, ” I will provide what you need?

Jeff Bridges

“Look man if you work for hard for this cash you can buy whatever you need! You don’t have to wait on Him!”



Irrigation, used to mean when the Father sent the rain.

We make it rain, no need for Him

Crops and Livestock, used to be that the Father gave an increase

Genetics, GMOS, Grocery Store/eating out–the bankers, the corporations provide for you


Yahua made for us a Tabernacle to live in-the Earth, Our bodies are also a Tabernacle.  All temporary dwellings.

The Earth

Our Bodies

We are to live under His provision and protection, not our own. Least we should become prideful and boast.


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