What is Worship? – from the monty blog

What is worship? Do you worship something, or perhaps someone? I've heard it said that a good definition of worship is “worth-ship,” meaning, I guess, what you devote your time and energy and love to the most because that thing is worthy of your time and energy and love. As an aside, I just gave…... Continue Reading →

Feast of the Trumpets!


Yom Teruah, Feast of the Trumpets 2018


Feb 2019 – 3rd Annual Declaring the End from the Beginning Conference – Isaiah4610

Declaring the end from the beginning — Read on http://www.isaiah4610.com/2018/02/04/3rd-annual-declaring-the-end-from-the-beginning-conference/

Show me the scriptures about how churches need to grow, grow, grow, go into debt, hire staff, manage staff, generate income, build lavish buildings…

What' s the big deal about Fasting? Go back and read Leviticus, the parts you skipped over, it’s ok, we all did it. Notice the detailed instruction and care about butchering and instructions about how to handle the blood.

Nothing bad has happened when EVERYONE does something...Right? Wait seems like my Grandmother said something about everyone jumping off a bridge.

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