Follow the Money

“Why don’t I hear the kind of topics you discuss on this blog anywhere else?” You might ask.

Good questions.  How many churches would lose funding if you preached about how pagan these holidays are?

How many churches would fold up if we made it all about cleaning up Babylon out of our lives and less about looking busy and doing “church stuff”.

Please show me in scripture where we are to stop teaching/studying the word as a family unit and split up into age groups and go to a manmade structure.

Show me in the New Testament where it gives details about how churches should get people to tithe.  Build big buildings and create programs that take the teaching away from the Fathers and give it to others.

Show me the scriptures about how churches need to grow, grow, grow, go into debt, hire staff, manage staff, generate income, build lavish buildings…

Who Made up this system?money

MAN! All for man’s glory.

You can’t show me the scriptures that say:

 “Dudes, now that I have died, you will now need to put yourselves in social economic and racial groups and form ‘new family groups’ to teach yourselves and pick other men to be above you.”


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