So who are we to tell a woman that abortions are wrong?  “It’s her body, it’s her rights!” So to understand this we need to go back into the wayback-machine and see where it started.
The Fallen Angels taught Mankind about abortion.  The worship of Moloch was a type of abortion.   Unwanted children that were often conceived out of wedlock in some creepy occult worship service.
Child Sacrifices, this is one way they worshiped.  You can see this depicted in
the image.


Sacrifices Today

We don’t do that today!”  You might say.  Hum.  Is that really true?  What about all the missing childrenunaccounted for in the US and around the world?
Could The Enemy use the murdering of innocents to gain power?  “No, that’s just crazy talk!  That doesn’t happen today.”  Hum… Explain to me what
made it go away?  It either went away or the bible is untrue.  Child
Sacrifices were once common a long time ago, according to the bible and other

Was Yahaua
a fan of it?

12:31 (NOG) 31
 Never worship Yahweh your Elohim in the way they worship their gods,
because everything they do for their gods is disgusting to Yahweh. He hates it!
They even burn their sons and daughters as sacrifices to their gods.
I don’t think so. 
Not only this but don’t use, cough, and cough pagan traditions,
Easter Eggs, a bunny, a Christmas tree, Yule Log…. I don’t think He likes
it.  He says DON’T us the things they use in their Pagan traditions and
then attribute them to HIM.  This is equivalent to a man purchasing some
nice jewelry for his lover on the side and is found out   by his wife
he then decides that he can make it all better by given his wife the necklace
his Mistress once wore.  That will go over like a lead balloon!  But
yet we try this all the time with the Father.  Oh right that was a long
time ago, times change, he’s different, we are under a new law now.

Another theme you see with the Israelites

“But Dad,
EVERYONE else is doing it! We want to do it too!  We don’t want to be
weird, and it besides it looks like fun!”  
Don’t we tell our own biological children not to be like this?  As Christians we have constantly tried to do this with the Father.  ALL our mainline holidays in
the Good ‘Ole USA are Pagan in nature. 
On the legal issue of abortions we do live in America if the people get what they want.
Just as this famous Occultist once said
 “Do as
thou wilt”  Aleister Crowley.
This is what we do here in the good old USA.  Can be justified in
righteous by what we want to do?  So that’s how it works? 


Do it, put in the work, research it, and pray about it. YOU NEED TO RESEARCH IT.  Check it out, see if I am right.
Abortion is a
terrible thing.  
We can’t put lipstick
on this pig
 and make it


Ephesians 6:12  (NOG)  12 This
is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with
rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and
spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.

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