Be like Jacob, not Esau

  Podcast Podbean Spotify BirthRight Blessing Ann was a model of the Birthright Blessing.   Birthright blessing is a concept we see in the bible where the inheritance of the Father went to the son that had the father's heart.  The one that was about His Father's business and not his own self interest. The... Continue Reading →

What to do When Someone is on Death’s Door

 Podbean Podcast Spotify When you have a loved one that is on death's door you must not tarry.  Make it happen, go see them, visit, and or call.  Consider recording their voice or take a video of the stories they have to say.    Pray for them to make peace with Yahuah, and loved... Continue Reading →

Could The Enemy use the murdering of innocents to gain power? “No, that’s just crazy talk! That doesn’t happen today.” Hum…

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