The Law


I was always taught that the law is punishment, death, and bondage.  What does the scripture say?  Ooh Yeah-It sets me free from sin and death.

Romans 8:2  (NOG)

The standards of the Spirit, who gives life through Christ Yeshua, have set you free from the standards of sin and death.

Following the law lines my flesh up with what the Father is doing.  When I line up with HIS law I move out from under the yoke of man.  This moves me under the authority of The Creator of all, The Most High.  Then I am truly free and not under the bondage of any man or system.

legalismWhat are you under?

When we walk in the law we begin to value the things He values.  We honor the dates, times, and feast that He established a horror what He has done for the tribes we have been grafted into.

Read Leviticus.

Look how detailed he was, where the detail is for Christmas, Easter…

Look up the origins of Christmas, and Easter.  Can we honestly say they were created by the Father or strictly for Him?

Research it.

You will find we took what the pagans did, so we wouldn’t be weird, we wanted to fit in. Be like everyone else. The pagan holidays were combined with the religion.  Sounds a bit like an Iron and Clay statue form Daniel or a new patch sewn on an old garment.

Mark 2:21 (NOG)

21 “No one patches an old coat with a new piece of cloth that will shrink. Otherwise, the new patch will shrink and rip away some of the old cloth, and the tear will become worse.

What gives us the right or the authority to decide what a holiday means?

It’s justification.  “I do this pagan rooted stuff because I make half of it about baby Jesus it’s cool, because it’s what I CHOOSE it to mean.”

Don’t we see this over in over in the scriptures?  So many scriptures will back this up.


This is like the fox watching the henhouse.

Be holy because He is holy.  Not “I am going to be holy because I say it’s holy.”


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