The Great Wedding Feast

The Great Day is Coming!!!!!

During the Fall Feast, the groom comes back for his bride. We all want to be found ready like the wise virgins. So how do we do this?

This last week we had a giant party and invited 150 of our friends over to celebrate the marriage of our daughter. It turned out great! It couldn’t have gone better!

Have you ever had a big event at your home? If so you know the money and time investment it is. Especially when it’s your only daughter. You have to do this right!

You have to think about everything.

What time does it start?

How many do you invite?

What do you eat?






Wedding Planning

We started five months out with planning, preparing, and purchasing.

We had to do something for the wedding every weekend for twenty weeks! As we got to the week of the wedding we took time off work to prepare and it was a mad dash of work and lots of help along the way. It took about 10 people working on and off over the twenty weeks to pull it off. Along with the help of about twenty more the last few days and hours of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, it really hit me. This is the way our lives should be. Our lives are a dress rehearsal of us getting ready to meet our groom on our wedding day. Our entire life should be about getting ourselves ready for our King.

If we can spend so much time, money, effort, and energy on a human endeavor, how much more time, money, effort, and energy should we be willing to spend on preparing ourselves for meeting our Groom, The King of Kings!

Are you getting ready? If not, why not?

See this video for more information about the Great Wedding Feast!

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