Shelter in Place?

As we go further down this rabbit hole I have had many waves of emotion strike me.

At first I consumed all the media I could. Then I realized this is crazy. Something doesn’t make sense.

I was also very angry at first. Angry that so many of my fellow Americans seem to be so willing to give up their constitutional rights without a fight.

Now I am getting over that part as I am reminded the old hymn., “This world is not my home, I am just a passing Through!” My citizenship is being apart of true Israel first, an American second. That help me balance it all.

I encourage you during this upcoming Fast to remove the Levan of mans’ teachings, turn it all off.

Turn of the media.

Turn off the social.

Read the text, AKA the Bible, the Torah.

Get alone and quite with your maker.

Get Outside, Get some sunshine on your skin. Work in the garden.

I am convinced the worse thing you can do is lock your self in your home and get outside. The warm spring sun, the fresh air will go along way to keeping you healthy.

Most importantly combine this with Keeping the true Sabbath, and the feast. This is how you do the Fathers Will.


Put your faith in Yeshua! He’s got this.

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