Go see if I am right, look up the word Hebrew, see what it means. **

We have to cross over just like our forefathers did.  We have to crossover from Babylon and paganism into walking in His ways.

  1. Abraham
    1. crosses over from his Pagan Idol making father
    2. crosses over from his homeland
  1. Moses
    1. crosses over the Nile as a baby
    2. crosses out of Egypt to find the Father
    3. passover, very similar idea to crossing over
    4. crosses the Red Sea
    5. crosses, almost into the promise land, leads them to the edge
  2. Joseph
    1. crosses over to the ways of the Father in contrast with his brothers
    2. crosses back into Egypt to save his people
  3. Jaccob
    1. crosses over in sharp contrast to Esau
    2. crosses over a stream after wrestling with Yeshua all night with a changed name
  4. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
    1. crosses over to serve the ONE true Elohim

This list goes on and on….

Notice a theme?

Many of them at some point directly involve crossing over water, leaving their homeland, leaving their family, making sacrifices, being different, being Holy and set apart.

So what are you and I to do?  We are to be Hebrews, not Christians.  Being a Hebrew means that we have crossed over from our pagan roots, left family, left country, made lifestyle changes and been washed with a water baptism.


**For more research start here


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