As Long as the Soda Cans are Red, White, and Blue Ones!

Should we vote?

Where’s the Outrage?

Are we Grieved by what grieves Him?

Feast of the Trumpets!

Feb 2019 – 3rd Annual Declaring the End from the Beginning Conference – Isaiah4610

Declaring the end from the beginning — Read on

“Spray paint the Vegetables”***

Prayers answered! 6”+ of rain have fallen since August! Praise Yahuah! The Heat is on here in Texas.  It has been oppressive this week, please pray for rain and heat relief for us in Texas. Driving around this week I saw this house.  Everyone else had allowed their grass to go dormant in this heat.... Continue Reading →

Keep the 4th

I am so thankful that a local church decided to put this up in front of their building on a major highway near my house.  It makes me grin every time I drive by it. But it does make me scratch my head a bit. Why put this up and say you stand behind it... Continue Reading →

Melchizedek I have never heard what he says about Melchizedek’s origin. But he really preached straight up truth with conviction! This may step in some toes! To which I say, Good!

Wolves and Lions and Other Teachings – On That Day Ministries

Wolves and Lions and Other Teachings - On That Day Ministries — Read on #onthatdayministries

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