As Long as the Soda Cans are Red, White, and Blue Ones!

Red, White, and Blue Ones

This is a struggle that I have had for years.  I went to public school, taught in public school, and have allowed my children to go to public school.  While in school we are forced to drink the Koolaid of “Good ‘Ole American Patriotism!”

The+Demise+of+the+BuffaloIt sounds good.  It essentials says that our founding fathers were all good guys, christian men, who read their bibles everyday. Men that said we must rebel, we must conquer an indigenous people group, take their land, almost eliminate a species of one of Yhauah’s creation  and forever change the land that Yahuah created.3.


While on the other hand we were founded by Puritans who observed a seventh day sabbath, and did not participate in Christmas and Easter and outlawed it’s celebrations. This was one tiny area in New England that was founded on the belief that most of us wish that our Country was founded on. 4.

Most bible believing people in the US today believe whole heartily in a combination of these two things. They have meshsed the Puritan story and applied the Puritan biblical beliefs to the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.   This is widely taught in Churches and many public schools.  It is simply not right.  While forgetting that these men were: POLITICIANS

Did you forget that part of the story? Politicians that honor Him with their lips and deny Him by their lifestyle. They deliver what the itching ears want to hear.


At the same time the US must have done something right to experience the tremendous prosperity that we have experienced. We observed a Sabbath, on the wrong day, we used the Bible as curriculum, and we prayed to start the day in the schoolhouse, and for lunch everyday.  We prayed before High School events, board meetings, and city council meetings.

Did Yeshua live in a Republic like ours?

Why yes He did, in fact our republic is modeled after Rome’s.  1.

So who could vote in the Roman System?

Wealthy Men 2.

Could Yeshua vote?

He met one of the criteria but from all accounts His lifestyle on earth is quite a contrast to who He really is being The KING OF ALL KINGS.

How many scriptures are there about Yeshua telling people in the ruling class to vote in a biblical manner?


So is it really our God give Right to vote?

Do we have evidence that voting was something that Yeshua thought was important?

Don’t you think He would have mentioned while he was living in a voting republic???

Yes I have voted, and will most likely vote again.

Next Week the Theocracy 




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