The “Old Covenant”

The 10 Commandments, do they still apply?

Here are some of the Covenants that have been made.   When you research this you will find anywhere from 5-8 covenants have been made with humans.

Adam and Eve





New Covenant

I like you have been taught the the old Covenant passed away.  But is that really true?  Lets examine a bit of you and you decide.




ADAM and Eve

After the fall of humankind, women are told they will have pain in childbirth and man is committed to toiling the land.

A promise is given about the man child that will one day crush the head of the serpent.

Is that still in effect?



Noah noah-ark-ikea


Rainbow, no more flood ring a bell?

Still in effect?







The Father of many nations, all nations will be blessed through Yeshua,

Is this still current and or happening?







The 10 commandments ring a bell? Do you really feel comfortable saying that is old law that is done away with?

Keeping the Sabbath is a sign. In recent history we incorrectly changed this to Sunday, but look how many workplaces and counties today honor a Sabbath.

IS is it still in effect?



"David? Yes, he's just a stones throw from here.�


Does Hose of David, linage of Yeshua ring a bell.

Did that happen and or is happening?






Study and question what you have been told about the “old” and the “new” Testaments.  Most folks that discuss the law passing away no little about what they are saying. They just throw around Christianese using words they have heard other smart people say, who most likely were taught it from someone else and no one really every questioned it.

If you think about it for a minute you will come to the conclusion that the opposite of this concept is lawlessness.  Something doesn’t jive here.

Above all read His



Think for yourself!

Don’t let the teachings of mankind keep you from seeing the truth in His Words!







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