Smashing Idols


Today we find ourselves in a world where all the idols have been taking down and destroyed temporarily.  The NBA the NHL, college basketball, golf, NASCAR… Actors and movies have all been shut down… Concerts….


It is no coincidence that this time of shut down is occurring when the Passover occurs. This shut down has stopped all the Easter madness of the Easter egg hunts and the other very pagan traditions that many Of us have done in the name of Christianity. These are really a mockery of what God wants us to be doing.
The world has been interestingly shutdown at the time of this Observance. Easter is not the reason.  Passover was meant to be eaten inside the safety of your home with your sandals on and ‘go bag’ ready because you had to be prepared to walk out the door.  The Shutdown has made this an easy thing to do.

What we do

Observing feast of unleavened bread —no yeast for 7 days and removing the yeast of mans teachings in my life. Catholics stole this and called it lent. See Yeshua’s words about the ”Yeast of the Pharisees”.

Interesting note

The way then Passover fell this year Was exactly the same on the Gregorian calendar as it was when Yeshua was crucified.  Yeshua was actually crucified and died on Wednesday in the evening time. 3 days later is the First day of the week.

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