The “Lords Supper”


As Passover approaches I am reminded yet again how my understanding has changed.


Considering the “Last Supper”  What was it?

We must always consider the context.  The “church” has made this a ritual, at times going so far to say that the bread becomes His flesh in your mouth? Gross, can you spell c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-i-s-m.

Many churches have also made this a work that all good Christians must do in order to be saved.  If you dare not take it on Sunday you risk losing your salvation… Really?  This coming from the same group of people that tell me that I am trying to be under “law”,  and that I am trying to be saved by my good deeds instead of the cross.  We are all saved through God’s Salvation, which is in the name of Yeshua, which means salvation.  Yes there are some things we must do, just like when the Passover happened there was an “us” part as is the nature with EVERY contract known under the sun.  Anyway…


Yes, I too have been there, I spent 30+ years of my life doing communion as weekly ritual.  It was engraved on the church’s communion table, the one in which I served on many times,  “Do this in remembrance of me.”  I thought it was something I had to do.  I never considered it a work thought but maybe it was?

This Lord’s Supper is a cruel joke of a supper.  As a kid I dreamed of what it must taste like.  So disappointed when I found out how generic it really was.  I went “It must taste bad so we can share in the suffering of our savior.”  Made sense to me at the time. I also thought “that cool the adults get a little snack during church. I can’t wait to be a grown up!”

Let’s have a supper with Unleavened, stale bread and tiny taste of grape juice!  It looks like we are on hard times here and we are rationing out the food. So look at the text.  I am not going to spoon feed you the text, go look it up. You will see they are having a Passover meal.

This meal provides a great contrast to what church made it into.  The meal  has: MEAT, Good Food,  in a relaxed setting  with your family, at home, with kids, the family, the pets, your space.  It is a feast full of Good Drink, a FEAST, a party, a good time is had by all during Passover.

cut neck tie.jpg

No neckties, or sport jackets (with patches on the elbows), uncomfortable shoes, sitting on uncomfortable pews, surrounded by people you only see once a week …


It is during Passover when you remove all the levan in your life, throw away all the bread and throw away the teachings of men, purge and plug into the Fathers Loving Instructions-The bible.

Was he making a new thing called the “Lord’s Supper”?  No. I used to think this.  I now understand that Yeshua is breaking the bread, looking at his Disciples and saying, I AM THE LAMB!  He was reminding them how HE was the salvation in the desert for the people then, and now.

Do your research.  Does the scripture really say that we are to do Passover forever?  Did Jesus do “Lord’s Supper” on Sunday? If not why? Does He say do this every Sunday? Does “breaking bread together when they meet on the first day of the week” mean they were doing a Passover meal each time?  Research, read the text with an open heart.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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