Who put the Christ in Christmas?

0 pagan traditionsCHRISTMAS and EASTER

A fat, all seeing man,who  knows when you sleep, when you are awake and if you have been bad or good…

Is this the NSA or Santa?

Parents lie to their kids about Santa, this is biblical right?

We take a tree and cut it down, bring it into our house, decorate it and say it’s about Jesus.  How is this about Jesus? Oh right, He was born under an Evergreen!  We take the 25th and say “We celebrate this day because we want to.  We want to honor Him on this day.  It is what I make it to be”

OK, I got ya. Husbands try this. Start celebrating your old girlfriends birthday, you know the one.  The one you broke up with to  date your wife.  Go ahead and tell her “it’s what I make it to mean.  It’s now a birthday that I choose on my own to attribute to you.  I hope you like it because it’s what I have decided that it means, and it makes me happy to bring you stuff on this day that used to be her birthday.  Now it’s yours!

RESEARCH December 25th.  See who’s birthday it really is.  Do we get we get to deiced what’s right and wrong in our own eyes?  This is new age Humanism at it’s finest.  Oh yeah the tree does not represent the Phallic symbol of an ancient deity… We decided that we do it for baby Jesus.  He likes this. HUH?  RESEARCH it. No excuse for you if you don’t check it out.

I BEG OF YOU, to read Jeremiah 10 with an open mind. Realize that Idol worship never ended.  It just came into the “church”.

Jeremiah 10

Everyone fears you, O Melek of the Nations.
    This is what you deserve.
    No one is like you among all the wise people in the nations
    or in all their kingdoms.
They are complete idiots.
    They learn nonsense from wooden idols.
Hammered silver is brought from Tarshish and gold from Uphaz.
    Craftsmen and goldsmiths shape these metals.
        The clothing for the idols is blue and purple,
            all made by skilled workers.
10 But Yahweh is the only God.
    He is the living God and eternal king.
        The earth trembles when he is angry.
        The nations can’t endure his fury.


Hum, another lie told to our kids. “The Easter Bunny brings you stuff.” Once again, lie to our kids?

Let me get this right, A bunny carries a basket and delivers eggs for children  just like Jesus did? Huh?  Bunnies lay eggs?  We dress up nice for church, hear about how He’s not in the grave anymore. Awesome, lets go hunt those eggs from that bunny.  Nothing seems strange here.  Do the RESEARCH, can you say FERTILITY rituals?

The church blended the holy with the profane, and decided it was right because IT decides instead of what HE decides. I am going to stick to the safe route and go with HIM. What will you do?

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