More Questions?

More Questions that I have Pondered

As a kid when I read through the old testment I always wondered  “What’s the deal with all the idols?”   Why does it seem to go from the Golden Calf all the way into the book of Judges?  Why were the people so addicted to the Idol worship?
In church no one ever had a good answer for this.  My favorite answer of all times is this “We have changed “evolved” and we don’t do that anymore. ”  What kind of answer is this?  Where is the biblical truth for this?
Many others would say “It’s what you make an idol.”  Meaning you can make anything a replacement for your relationship to the Father.  Ok I can see that a little bit. But did all this idol thing really go away?  Are idols around today?  Most would say no.  “No one does that anymore.”  Hum…
As I have gone deeper into the rabbit hole I have found that idols still exist today.  Most people are unaware  of what they are.
Scared Cows here we come…

Christmas Tree

Yearly ritual, where exactly is it found in the bible? It’s connection to Saturnalia? Oh yea, we washed it all up, and cleaned it up when we “christianized” it.  It’s ok because we have said it’s ok.  Remember it’s not the meaning behind the Holiday it’s what we as humans decide it means.  Really?  How does this usually work out?
It’s tall and upright not like an obelisk at all
It’s a focal point
No connection to Winter Solistice at all?
Everyone is doing it
We get on our knees and  bow down to it when we remove the presents

Nothing about this is like an idol right?Nah, can’t be if EVERYBODY is doing it.

Nothing bad has happened when EVERYONE does something… Right?  Wait seems like my Grandmother said something about everyone jumping off a bridge.


Spoiler Alert.  It’s tough. It goes against the grain and studying this could make you “set apart” AKA different, and weird.  Not like EVERYONE else.
Back to the Golden Calf.  Remember that EVERYONE bit.  All the people gathered around Aaron and said (my wording here) “Dude, we don’t even know about this Moses guy, much less the God he talks about.  Make us a real god like the one we had back in the day”  The kicker comes with the next direct quote.
When Aaron saw this, he built an altar in front of it and announced, “Tomorrow there will be a festival in Yahweh’s honor.”   Exodus 32:5 (NOG)

Interesting, EVERYONE was doing it.  The whole group wanted it, is this a mob?  They build this in Yahweh’s honor.  The say in essence, “It’s what we make it, we can do this terrible thing and turn it for good because we do it for Him.”  Sound familiar?  Study it on your own.

Early the next day the people sacrificed burnt offerings and brought fellowship offerings. Afterward, they sat down to a feast, which turned into an orgy.  Exodus 32:6 (NOG) 


So what else were they doing?  Some translations said they were “playing”.  Did you ever thing this was weird?  They were “playing”.  What does this mean?

In Egypt the orgy was part of their religion.  See this article from NBC.

Wait I see a theme, The Father is calling out His people, who had become so pagan that they build and idol for Him and carried out a pagan group sex ritual in front of it.

Some more food for thought

On the night of the passover do you think that any person that followed the passover rules could have been spared?  Or was it strictly about bloodline heritage.  If you think it’s about blood line heritage read it again.  It’s about those who love the FATHER that do what HE says.

So what about today?

“We don’t have idols man, that’s crazy talk!  What are you drinking?”

Have you ever been to DC?  There’s no connection to Greek and Roman Mythology right?  Nothing to see here folks move along.  It’s just normal for us in the US to build structures like what you see in DC architecture.  Nothing weird it all about our First President being a Free Mason and all.  Nothing weird about The Apotheosis of Washington in the womb of isis!  Nothing strange about the connections to the goddess of Columbia and the US.  Nothing weird about an Obelisk, no connections to the past.  People just like this stuff and  it’s cool.  Yeah, hum… You should check it out. 

No connections in Hollywood, DC, Superbowls to prostitution and sex rituals with women and children right?  No idol stuff here.  MOVE ALONG!  Nothing  to see here.”Here in the good ole’ USA we don’t do creepy rituals in high places with important people.”

NO ONE has anything to gain by telling you that you are crazy for thinking he could do this.
NOTHING strange about men dancing naked in the forest in secret.

Today He is calling us again.  The call is to come out of Babylon.  “Come out of her my people”.

We live in Babylon.

Next Scared Cow, Abortion.  More on that later.


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