The Gospel Story of Yah’s Feast

Yah’s Feast


Feast of Unleavened Bread

First Fruits





You can describe all of Yahs’ feast with the following Paragraph.

We are saved by the blood which causes us to cleanse  our temples from Babylon.  We offer ourselves as an offering as we  meet the Father in His Dwelling place as we listen to his voice. We announce and proclaim the King.  When the king returns we will be found worthy of being in His house by the atonement of his blood.

FeastWedding What Does it Mean?
PassoverBetrothalTo cross over, to leap.

As  Yahweh Leapt over the homes the night of the Passover All the work was on the Father as he dispensed Justice and Mercy.  

He was merciful to those that had Faith with Action. They were not saved if they had passover in their heart.
Unleavened BreadWe cleanse our temples of the Leaven in our hIdden place where the seed is planted. This causes Re-Generation or Resurrection and purity. 

The Man that mends or connects, joins.
First FruitsWe offer our lives as an offering under the blood of yeshua.

The Family of the house opens their hand and gives the best and first.
Shavuot We meet with the father and listen to his voice.

The commandments are given.

A king is given.

The Holy Spirit is poured out.
TrumpetsCeremonyWe announce and proclaim the king.
Atonement We are found innocent by the blood of Yeshua at the time of wrath.
Sukkot7 Day Wedding PartyWe are found worthy by the blood of Yeshua to dwell in the house. 

We are not turned away from the wedding feast. 

A Joyous festival to remember our dependence on the Father to protect and provide.


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