Basil and Chris of Ravel Interview Sabbath Lounge on Acts 2 and the Mount Sinai connection.

Take a listen as Matt and Jake are interviewed by Basil Rosewater and Christopher Ryan Gates from Ravel about the connection between Acts 2 and Mount Sinai.  

Ravel is a podcast that you should check out!  It was an honor to be on their show!

What is Ravel you might asK? 
rav·el /ˈravəl/ verb 1. untangle or unravel something.

noun 1. a tangle or cluster.

The message of the Bible is simple enough for a child to understand but complex enough to keep scholars exploring for a lifetime. Like a beautifully woven tapestry, it’s made up of many threads that come together to form a beautiful whole. Ravel is a podcast where we explore the scriptures in a new and exciting way, examining the threads to gain a brighter view of THE BIG PICTURE. Ravel dives into the deep waters of society, scripture and scandal, seeking to bring new perspectives on ancient issues and explore the broad range of the Christian experience and it’s many forms. Join Basil and Christopher as they (un)ravel these threads and discover what may have been left out on Sunday morning!


Check out Sabbath Lounge as  we are dedicated to eating clean, keeping the Feast, Sabbath, following Torah, and leading as many people out of Babylon as possible.  

Find more information below:


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