Listen to the Doctors. Science knows best!

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Read the following and see a few ways in which the science was settled for all. No one could argue with them. They had ALL the answers.

Sources cited below.

Radium Water

Dr. Herman Rubin uses the Endocrinator to administer a radium treatment on Frances Martell at a beauty show in the 1920s. Rubin claimed the device would “make old men feel young again and young men feel younger.” (Chicago Herald and Examiner)


“Gotta get that bad blood out of here!”

Not a great idea.

“When your sick it must be that bad blood. Get that bad blood outta here!” they proclaimed.

We did this in the US with Parasitic Leeches.


“Lets collapse the sick person’s lung to make them better”

Yep, we did that.

Morphine for teething babies

“Shut that crying baby up with some Morphine. That ought to do the trick!”

Yes, doctors said this.

Electricity for headaches

"Let's Put them in a bath of water, hook them up to electrodes.  That ought to cure the Migraine for them!"

You guessed it, another great idea by science!


“Let those kids smoke the Tobacco.” Said Tobacco companies as they paid doctors to push their product. Look it up, prove me wrong.

Yeah, doctors said that.

Blow it up your A**, they really said that. Doctors thought during the Black Plague that Tobacco smoke was a good prophylactic measure against the plague. They recommended that kids should smoke and consider “tobacco smoke enemas”.


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