Joseph like Yeshua

Both had miraculous births.

Both Obedient to their fathers, were about their Father’s business.

Pure, no sin was written about them.

Sent by His father to check on his brothers, Yeshua sent to the 12 tribes.

Joseph and Yeshua go to Egypt.

Joseph was the same as pharaoh, he spoke for the Father, represented the father.

Both were not recognized until the time was right.

Both were  Rejected by his Brothers/children.

Both had garments left behind, shroud, coat of colors.

Conspiracy to kill, Judas, Judah Sold them out  for money 20 pieces and 30 pieces. 

Both went peacefully and did not fight.

For both, blood was shed and clothes were torn.

Both put in the ground, a well and a tomb.

Both were raised up.

Both were beaten, stripped, persecuted for the sake of his people.

By his wounds we are healed, both the brothers and us.

The coat of Colors was a sign of Royalty, both were king like and second in command on paper but in reality in charge of it all, just like Joseph.

Joseph’s dreams=the fulfillment of Yeshua.

Both Went away to prepare a place for there family them, then repent and are ashamed for the hurt it has caused their father.

Brothers/Children reject Both were servant leaders.

Both elevated above others.

Baker, Butler like the Thief on the cross, one was remembered and one was eternal death.

Joseph prepared the Bread of Life, Yeshua was the bread of life.

Both were tempted to sin, both rejected the sin.

Both were innocent but had to suffer because of it.

Both save their families by something that seemed like a terrible punishment.

Both had families that did very little to help until the end after there sin convicts them.

Both falsely accused.

Both went before the king, both were silent.

The grain is unmeasurable just like the children in the promise.

Both judge the children of Israel and have forgiveness for them.  

Judah willing to stand in the gap for his brother-willing to lay down his life.

Meal, Feat Washing-Upper Room kind of moment.

Both yearn for the fellowship of the children of Israel.

Both have a wedding like celebration to commemorate the reunification of the family.

Both have brothers that are unaware that the feast they have been celebrating were for their brother.  Modern Jews keep the feast but don’t recognize Him .

This part has not been fulfilled.

Both were in a way “resurrected from the dead”.  Quotes for Joseph only.

Both are in charge of the harvest of the Wheat.

Both are solving the issue of a famine, Joseph is a physical famine.  Yeshua represents solving the spiritual famine and is the bread of life.

Both open up the storehouse.

Both are the answer to life in their generations.  The only way was through them.

Right hand of Pharaoh, right hand of the Father.

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