Bullhorn Man

While driving around this week I stumbled upon this couple.  I was flying by on the way to a hardware store when I spotted them.  I had to flip around to check this out. 


I went up to them and asked them what they were protesting.  They told me they were protesting Todd White. I had never heard of him before.  At first I kinda thought they were crazy.  The more they explained themselves the more I got it.They were protesting the fact that Todd White is taking money away from people thorough the Prosperity Gospel Message.  They were doing their best to warn others.  They were in the middle of Suburbia USA.  Everyone was too busy to notice. Thousands of cars drive by this busy road. I seemed to the the only one that noticed them or took the time to ask them what they were about.  Too many hardworking folks, just have their nose the the grindstone and are to busy making a living to care about any of this. This is unfortunate. After listening the embedded YouTube link I began to understand why they were so upset.   I don’t like to bash others, I don’t go to the street corner and yell through a megaphone, but I really cant find a fault in what they are doing.  It’s not my method of choice but I admire them for the following:A.They are doing what they know to be rightB. They were acting upon it. They were open and honest 

I admire them for having researched and and having a contrary opinion.  They are folks that have their eyes opened.  They are not trusting what man says, they are searching it out. We need to be getting ready for a time when the World is going to think we are total nut jobs for not accepting the One World Religion.  

While I don’t feel called to take the same actions, I admire their faith and diligence to be out on a cold wet January day.  Attempting to warn others about depiction. This I can applaud!

Watch the clip below about Todd White, Kenneth Copeland and you decide. 

Are you going to be ready to stand up to the persecution that is going to happen?

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