Joseph and Yeshua Comparison



Joseph like Yeshua

The life of Joseph is a type and shadow of Yeshua’s. See if you can come up with any additional ones that I may have missed! #yeshua #joseph ‬

Joseph and Yeshua Comparison

Both had miraculous births

Both Obedient to their fathers, were about their Father’s business

Pure, no sin was written about them

Sent by His father to check on his brothers, Yeshua sent to the 12 tribes

Both were  Rejected by his Brothers/children

Both had garments left behind, shroud, coat of colors

Conspiracy to kill, Judas, Judah Sold them out  for money 20 pieces and 30 pieces

Both went peacefully and did not fight

For both, blood was shed and clothes were torn

Both Went away to prepare a place for there family

them, then repent and are ashamed for the hurt it has caused their father

Both falsely accused

Joseph’s dreams=the fulfillment of Yeshua

The coat of Colors was a sign of Royalty, both were king like and second in command on paper but in reality in charge of it all, just like Joseph

Brings Unity to the family

Both had families that did very little to help until the end after there sin convicts them

Both put in the ground, a well and a tomb

Both were raised up

Both were beaten, stripped, persecuted for the sake of his people

By his wounds we are healed, both the brothers and us

Both were tempted to sin, both rejected the sin

Both were innocent but had to suffer because of it

Both save their families by something that seemed like a terrible punishment

Both were not recognized until the time was right

Both went before the king, both were silent

Right hand of Pharaoh, right hand of the Father

Matthew 3: Voice from heaven “This is my beloved son whom I am well pleased” Loved by his Father more than other brothers (this is because He was the only sold out to his father)

Forgives the ones that wrong him

Restores the family to the long lost son-prodigal son  son tie in?

Slow to anger

Brothers/Children reject Both were servant leaders

Both elevated above others

Baker, Butler like the Thief on the cross, one was remembered and one was eternal death

Joseph prepared the Bread of Life, Yeshua was the bread of life

Both reunite the nation of Israel after division

When yeshua reveal himself at the end it will be just a shocking to Christians, they will have their mouths open staring in disbelief

Joseph and Yeshua go to Egypt

Joseph was the same as pharaoh, he spoke for the Father, represented the father



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  1. It’s heartening to realize the kinship in Mashiyach that exists between believers, especially when they are complete strangers! The account of Yoseph has been a favorite of mine for some time now. and the parallels between his life and that of our Adon and Melech Y’shua, are so definitive as to make them much more than just happenstance! As a matter of fact, the message of Yoseph reinforces my belief that ancient Hebrews knew and taught about Mashiyach long before He appeared in first-century c.e. Judea as YHVH Y’shuati, YHVH our Salvation! As we look back upon His death for us, they looked forward to their deliverance as taught through the example set by the life of Yoseph. Thank you for this informative post on the shadow of The One who is yet to come again! Baruch HaShem YHVH Y’shuati

    Best Regards.

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