SquantoThe untold story of the First Nation Peoples of the US.

How many of us have ever heard of Antonio de Montezinos?  He inspired Menasseh Ben Israel to write a book. in 1652 called The Hope of Israel.  

This book asserts that the Native Tribes in North America were descendants of the 10 lost tribes of Israel.   Read the Excerpt below from more information.

Around the year 1640, a Spanish explorer named Anonio de Montezinos, whom is of the Judaic faith, told Rabbi Manasseh Ben Israel (Chief rabbi of Amsterdam, diplomat, writer, and the creator of the first Jewish press) of his experiences in the New World. He told of an occasion when he tried to communicate with one of the Native Americans, and all of the languages he used failed. When he began speaking to a shipmate in Hebrew, the Native American, to his astonishment, began reciting the Shema (שְׁמַע), a Jewish prayer recited in Hebrew. When Montezinos began to poke around, he discovered that other people in this village were not only able to recite the prayer, but he found that many of their customs and rituals were very similar to those of the Jewish religion. The rabbi published this account in a book in 1650 entitled The Hope of Israel.




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