I Voted

Yes, I voted

Well I am not sure what good it did but I did cast my vote, but it’s ok if you don’t vote.

Good ‘Ole USA

After being a public school teacher who spent 19 years teaching kids that they should vote, I could hear my own words  convicting me to vote.


My faith says “Yahuah is in control, He can put those in charge regardless of my vote.”  It really doesn’t matter if, and how I vote, He has it. I really don’t need to worry about it too much.  Yeshua living in voting republic was silent on the matter.

My faith also says “How can we trust that the system that doesn’t honor Yahuah, and keep the commandments. How can we assume that the system could have honest weights and measures?”

Cognitive Dissonance

In the end I see a pattern in US politics.  In 1998 I got swept up in the “red wave” that swept across the US. I had faith that the conservative politicians would overturn Roe V. Wade, and bring back conservative values back to our land.  I was sadly disappointed.  Then came along George W. Bush. I had the W sticker on my car. I believed he was a “born again believer”  Turns out it was most likely a reference to a secret society ritual and not what most of us thought. Once again, I was very disappointed in the system.

Now we seem to have that “Red Wave” sweeping our land again.  I want desperately to believe that the ideas from 20 years ago could once again come to fruition. Sadly the history of past disappointments make me very skeptical.


Waste of Time

Politics, talking, arguing, and or discussing politics just seems to breed anger and resentment. It gets us focused on the flesh instead of the Spirit.

Politicas can’t fix STUPID.

This is a heart issue.  Politics can’t fix this. 

We must do a better job of seeking and saving the lost and be less focused upon arguing in politics.  Which unfortunately I have done this week.


Father Please forgive me for being focused on the wrong things.



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