A Generation Of Gluttonous Zombie’s And The Walking Dead

I needed to hear this one. Please don’t let my toes bleed on your carpet.

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

By Julia and CJ

There are very serious changes and trends happening in America. We’ve written about this before. And those watching alteady know. But there is a growing number of Americans who have transformed into the most selfish, self centered, narcissitic, hateful and even vile people. The all about me generation has morphed into something resembling what we fear, “the worst generation.” The generation who saw WWll was called the “greatest generation.” A Nation came together in great economic distress and the sorrows of war. So what happened? How have we turned into this selfish egotistical society? The church resembles zombies or the walking dead. Dont believe us? Next time you got to a restaurant that has a buffet simply watch. Its very disturbing. You will see shoving and rudeness, it resembles starving people from third world countries. And the grocery stores are not much better. People stare blankly…

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