The Golden Calf Conspiracy

real SinaiWe have all noticed many people in this world are trying to get as much of your money in their pocket as they can.  I belive examples of this can be found at many historical sites.  Many put up a sign and say “first…, Original…” Whatever…. This for sure happens in Israel. People pay money and go see these sites in which they are just taking the word of someone else who says this is Jacobs Well or whatever it is.  They could be correct, or misguided, or just greedy.   So if you are still with me the same has happened to the true Mount Sinai.  Tradition and the maps have it as  rahter unimpressive mountain between two gulfs.  I am not sure I buy that.  If you look at the following site they make a compelling case it is east of this location in modern day Saudi Arabia.  The Real Mount Sinai.

The Real Mount Sinai Video

The images make sense.  They show a mountain top that looks burnt, and blackened.  Kind of what you would expect the Fire of God to do do something.  LEAVE A PERMANENT SCAR. Which is also what it should do on our hearts, burn away all the garbage and only leave real substancance behind.

Research it yourself see what you think.

My conspiracy theory point is this.  Rebellious people go to great lengths to discredit everything we as Bible believing people hold dear to our faith.  This moment in our heritage is a big deal.  So why wouldn’t they choose a fake site, convince us all it’s the real deal.  Once there no one ever finds conclusive evidence that the mountain was burned, evidence of an altar, evidence of 1,000,000 people camped out.  One million people camping out over a month wouldn’t leave any artifacts behind? Wouldn’t leave any graffiti? This causes logically people to doubt the stories we see in the Bible.

Sadly so many Christians, mostly through group think, propaganda, school… get swept up in believing that science/man never lies, and has no agenda.  Of course there is an agenda to discredit God in anyway they can.  They want you to doubt. They want the timelines to be off.  The official Egyptian timeline does not match with the bible.  It’s not the Bible that’s off, it’s man.  Yet so many believe the historians and scientist over the Bible.

Who are we going to believe?  What man says? What Science says? Or what does the Bible say?  I don’t know about you but I am sticking with the Bible.  Choose this day whom you will serve.

real mount sinai.PNG
The Real Mountain from the air, noticed it appears burnt.

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