No Jimmy Page here, Get the Lev out, how to get the Levan or Yeast of mans teachings out Jesus Style! No Jimmy Page here. This is the time of year we celebrate Passover.  In the Exodus 12 account the congregation was commanded to get out of town quickly.  They were commanded to have their sandals on and leave before the dough had time to rise.  They were to take the dough with them without... Continue Reading →

How does the Bible line up with the US Constitution, Presidential Inauguration 2021. Part 1 of 2. How does the Bible line up with the US Constitution? Check out the Playlist, US Constitution and the Torah! Part 1 of 2. How Does the Truth of Ya's word compare the words found in the US Constitution? For more information see Find us on iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, and Podbean. At... Continue Reading →

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