We are Israel

"I am pro-Israel!" What does that mean? Many people believe that this means that as christians we must support the government of the country of Israel. Who is this modern day country? When was it created?  W Who is their king? Are they the chosen people? When we examine the nation from Moses to David... Continue Reading →

Get the LEV Out.

This is the time of year we celebrate Passover. In the Exodus 12 account the congregation was commanded to get out of town quickly. They were commanded to have their sandals on and leave before the dough had time to rise. They were to take the dough with them without leavening. The rest of the week they were to eat unleavened bread daily.


Go see if I am right, look up the word Hebrew, see what it means. ** We have to cross over just like our forefathers did.  We have to crossover from Babylon and paganism into walking in His ways. Abraham crosses over from his Pagan Idol making father crosses over from his homeland Moses crosses... Continue Reading →

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