As a kid people always told me “Won’t it be great when we get to heaven and we just get to put on our robes and sit around and sing praises to God all day!” In my head I said “I am not so sure.” It sounded kind of boring to me, it still does. On a recent road trip I had the following Revelation.

Happy Birthday To Chloe! This was a special trip we did together! I am posting this in honor of her birthday! I look forward to many more and many amazing adventures to come!

Black Canyon, Colorado
Black Canyon Of the Gunnison

The wonders of our Creator never cease to amaze me.  This last week I had the honor to get out on a road trip with my daughter.

We covered 3 states, 3 National Parks, 2,220 miles in 6 days!

One of my new favorite places is the Black Canyon.  2,200 foot cliffs are pretty impressive. I like to think He made them just for me!

When  I go on a road trip it gives me a senses of what heaven will be like.


On a road trip you don’t feel the same time demands as your normal life. We all long for the moment when we can be truly free from the limits of time.


For the most part you get to do what you want to do.

Black Canyon Painted Wall
Black Canyon Painted Wall


Seeing the wonders of what our Father has  made is so much more amazing than ANYTHING we will EVER do.  OOh how funny our “scientific” explanations must seem to our Father!  No way this Gunnison River did this.  It was THE FLOOD!


Chaco Canyon

You spend time with those you love most.  No one ever goes on a vacation with their enemy. You make memories that will last a lifetime.

Black Canyon
Black Canyon


I believe that Heaven will be like this. Time will be done away with.  No clocks, no being late, no rushing around, no worrying. Freedom to go learn, visit, and see what you never got around to. Creation the father created us to create, we are creators. We are most happy when we are creating and being in His Creations. We will have time to enjoy all that He has made.  Companionship  not only with our God but our loved ones that have left us, and Heroes of Faith in the bible.  We will get to hang out and talk, shake Abraham’s hand!! How awesome is that!

So the next Road Trip you go on remember it may be a dry run at what Heaven will be like.

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