Seduce Them

But I have a few things against you: You have among you those who follow what Balaam taught Balak. Balak trapped the people of Israel by encouraging them to eat food sacrificed to idols and to sin sexually. Revelation 2:14

Has it been awhile since you read Numbers 22?  Does a talking donkey ring a bell.  Recap: Balaam was a hired gun to curse Israel, he was stopped by an Angel of the Lord.  Since he was forbidden to curse Israel he came up with an alternate plan.  His plan was to get the men of Israel to fall into sexual sin with the pagan women. He knew that if he could encourage this behavior he could get them the to curse themselves. His plan worked so well that eventually  God would even divorce them because of their adultery towards him.

Lesson for today.  Sex sells, sex is everywhere from cartoons to commercials.  The god of this age is busy doing the same things today. Get us distracted and we will give up our blessings in exchange for instant gratifications. Sounds a bit like the Esau story as well.

This being Superbowl weekend, we need to be in prayer for all those trapped in sexual sin.  The Superbowl city every year has a tremendous amount of sex trafficing that seems to follow the Superbowl. Please join me in prayer that the captives will be set free and the light will shine through the darkness and reveal all.

Balam’s plan is still at work today. We must protect our eyes from ponography and keep our children safe from it. He has called us to be  His Holy and Set Apart People. Don’t do as they do, too many pastors, leaders, teachers.. fall victim to sexual sin.  We must protect and teach our kids discernment so they don’t follow the ways of the harlot.

Choose carefully what you watch and what you allow your children to watch in your home.

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