To My Family and Friends

Oh How We Have Changed!

Dearest family and friends,

I want to start off by stating what we have in common, for it is far greater than what separates us.

What we have in common

1. Jesus is the only Begotten son, we call Him Yeshua.

2.  The only way to the father and to salvation is through Jesus.

3.  Salvation is Through God’s (Yahuah’s)  grace, Jesus’s name literally means Salvation, We are saved by God’s Grace not our works.  But we don’t believe in the “greasy” grace that says you can do whatever you want all the time,  say a prayer, go to church, go back and continue to do whatever you want, rinse and repeat and you are saved.  We do have a part to play in this. We are in a Covenant, a contract.  All contracts have two parties that are to do their part.

4.  God’s Word is absolute truth, I believe it from cover to cover.  It is The source of all truth in this world.  EVERYTHING connected to man is highly corruptible including myself and the very words I am typing.  That’s why you can’t believe me, believe Him, and Whom sent Him, and His Word.

That’s a great deal in common!  Lets focus on what we have in common and then discuss knowing that we have this common base.

Here’s a list of things we are not trying to do:

  1. Be under a man-pastor, preacher, teacher…
  2. Be under a Pharisaical type system
  3. Bring back Stoning
  4. Bring back a sacrificial system-Jesus fulfilled this
  5. Going back to Egypt and being slaves and in Bondage
  6. Restoring Jewish bloodlines

So What are we trying to do that is different than our family?

Yes we are living Under the Law

Take a look at the “bondage of the Law” that some people think we have subjected ourselves too.  After reading this you decide if it sounds like bondage.

  1. Eat clean, we gave up pork, and shrimp.  Science backs this up as being healthier.  The vision Peter sees is about people not about food.  Look at it in context.  The context is not food rules.  It’s about not calling some groups of  people unclean.
  2. Rest on Saturday.  We don’t work. We rest, chill, study, hang with family, have a Bible study. A study in which we read through the part of the bible that is a direct download from the Father to his messenger.
  3. Party 7 times a year. Most are multi day feast involving lots of family, food, fun, fellowship and laughter.

We are all under the Law, What? You may say.  Define law… define lawlessness.  So now are you really saying you don’t want to be under the law?  You want to be under lawlessness?  What scripture says is that through Jesus he has set us free, broken the Curse of sin and death. Adam put us all under at the fall.  The law that we are set free from is not free from God’s Law, no.  It’s free from the Ultimate Trial Lawyer-Satan THE ACCUSER.  God made the rules, He never contradicts Himself.

The Accuser is going around like a roaring Lion seeking those to DEVOUR. He is looking for LEGAL authority.  He is looking for those under the law of sin and death.  Like it or not God set up a legal system.  He’s the judge, this implies we are under LAW.  How can He be a Judge if we are not under the law?

The Ten Commandments

Do you believe they are in place today?  If so, do you believe this is the Law and you are under it? Which commandments are no longer valid? For the ones that are no longer valid who changed this and why?  What scripture says that they are no longer in place?


Who changed Saturday rest to Sunday rest?  “They meet on the first day of the week” This is you basis for saying that the “day” has been changed?  Early Church Fathers and PAGAN,  political leaders hungry for power and control. AKA **Constantine (a Sun Worshiper that was political motivated) ** changed these dates. There is no EXCUSE for you, we have Google, the internet, a few clicks of the mouse will tell you what I am saying is true. MEN, mankind, people, changed the date because THEY didn’t like it.  I don’t see this is a scriptural reason to make a change. I don’t have faith in these men, they are just men after all.  They tried to distance from all things Hebrew.

Logical you must ask the following:

  1. Was Jesus Jewish?
  2. Did he keep the Sabbath, the Feast?
  3. Did He speak Hebrew?
  4. Did He do anything contrary to the Father?


So how it all began, Adam was meant to be a priest to the other people living outside the garden.  Re-read the creation story and see if there is a weird double creation account. Adam walked and talked with the LORD he knew the LAW, the Torah, he knew about idols, about the Sabbath, about the Feast day, Clean eating.. He lost his power and influence over mankind when he fell.  Satan took that Mantle and had it until Jesus was crucified and stood toe to to with Satan and took it back from him.

Moses and the people were to become the priest to the surrounding nations.  But the people were not willing to go that far.  They said “Moses, you go talk to Him, he scares us!” So once again God worked around our limitations and in His grace he provided a work around.

Jesus returns, lives, dies, goes to Satan and says, “I am now giving back to man what he original lost.” Then  he is Resurrected and lives forever offering us the original deal that was given to Adam.

Peter tell us that we are a Royal Priesthood.  This was the plan all along.  Back to the garden.


God in essences marries the people.  Gives them a year off provided  for their every needs.  Makes and covenant with them, they have a part, he has a part.  Just like today.  This marriage had a condition. STAY AWAY FROM IDOLS.  They clearly did not.  They just wanted to be like everyone else.  They didn’t want to be a Holy and set apart people.  Just like today.  He was very patient with them for generations.  He finally says ENOUGH! Divorces His people.  (I believe this is the mystery Paul writes about later.)

God made the  rules on divorce, He can’t break them.  He said that if the husband dies, the wife can remarry.  This is one of the main reasons why Jesus dies on the cross.  He had to in order to fulfill this law.  This was our fate of being under the law of sin and death.  The law is the law, He can’t change it.  He follows the rules as well.  Jesus dies and redeems us, restoring us back to Him.

He tells us to come out of BABYLON.  We are in Babylon, America is part of this. The Church is part of this.  We are filled with Pagan Idol worship that has it’s roots in the Pre-Flood world.

No one worships Idols today

Really? Super Hero movie Genre, American Idol, Hollywood Gossip, Fitness craze, Materialism….Hum re-think this.

So, family, loved ones, what I am I saying:

We believe in Jesus, as in the John 3:16

  1. We don’t believe that we  determine what makes the Father happy
  2. We believe we are God’s holy and set apart people when we do our part and turn from our wicked ways
  3. We believe there is only one path to salvation through Jesus

In the end are we that far apart?

Family, friends, loved ones, if you don’t know what I believe, just ask me. Don’t assume things that are not true.

I love you all dearly and call you my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I hope this helps you understand where we are coming from.

Grace and peace to you all.


I can see both sides, you can easily argue he converted, and he was saved as easily as you can argue that he was an Anti Christ, pagan, Polytheistic leader. Since there is much on both sides of this do we put our faith in this?  It is not wrong to question this and be concerned that is all from men and not from THE FATHER.  Go back and look at what man can justify starting  at the Golden Calf.

Research our Christian Roots from the Early Church Fathers, to the foundations of the Catholic Church.  Follow the lines of power and control.  Think about why the pulpit is elevated? Why do the people sit down low and the “clergy” sit up high? Sure today it’s about being able to see and to an extent it has always been that basic.  There is more to it, it’s about Greed, power, and control. Once again if man is involved it is Suspect.

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