Get the LEV Out.

This is the time of year we celebrate Passover. In the Exodus 12 account the congregation was commanded to get out of town quickly. They were commanded to have their sandals on and leave before the dough had time to rise. They were to take the dough with them without leavening. The rest of the week they were to eat unleavened bread daily.

Passover is near

As Passover approaches I am reminded yet again how my understanding has changed. CONTEXT Considering the "Last Supper"  What was it? We must always consider the context.  The "church" has made this a ritual, at times going so far to say that the bread becomes His flesh in your mouth? Gross, can you spell c-a-n-n-i-b-a-l-i-s-m.... Continue Reading →

Pesach / Passover

Pesach / Passover — Read on

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